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Tony Harman

Tony is an icon in the videogames industry who brought Donkey Kong Country to the U.S. and led studios behind hits like Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown and All Points Bulletin.

Dave Jones

David is a videogames pioneer best known for his work on genre-defining titles such as Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite.

Wyeth Ridgway

Wyeth has a remarkable track record of translating entertainment franchises into hit games, having worked on titles for Star Trek, South Park and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Brent Friedman

Brent is a master storyteller who has expanded the narrative worlds of renowned properties like Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Batman and Call of Duty.

Approach the Masson Zero

The Unioverse saga begins in the near future when humans have uncovered an ancient technology that can instantly transport your consciousness across the universe. New planets, civilizations, and alien life forms are all connected in the blink of an eye, bringing a deeper meaning to our existence – as well as unforeseen dangers. Who created this technology? What is its true purpose? And will it be our salvation or our ruin?

See where in the Unioverse your consciousness will take you.

A gigantic, community-owned franchise

The Unioverse starts with some of the best game developers and sci-fi storytellers in the world creating a series of games, novels and comic books. From there, we equip our community with royalty-free art, assets and tools to expand the Unioverse with their own epic adventures, games, comics, artwork and whatever they can imagine.

One Unioverse. Infinite games.

Think of the Unioverse as a Roblox for AAA game developers. We provide an SDK along with art, character models, music and more – royalty free! Developers are free to make whatever kind of game they want and sell it for as much (or as little) as they like and keep all of their revenue. We will continue to expand the Unioverse by creating additional assets and directly funding developers for new games.

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