Your Unioverse Proten-Packed FAQ and Calculator

Chris Albrecht
December 12, 2022

We are less than a month away from the launch of Reyu Genesis, our first Unioverse Hero NFT! Remember, there are only two ways you can get a Reyu:

  1. Earn Whitelisting either through achieving status on our Discord or through a partnership we’re doing with another project
  2. Earn enough Protens

You can check out a full explainer on the entire process here.

What are protens?

In the story of the Unioverse, protens are the energy source that powers the alien technology. In the world of Unioverse NFTs, Protens are what you earn by owning and holding Unioverse Collectible NFTs (which we’ve been dropping for free for a number of weeks now).

If you’ve been collecting (and keeping!) Unioverse Collectible NFTs, then you have been earning Protens automatically.

How can I check how many Protens I have?

You can easily check your proten count by visiting our Proten Calculator (desktop only). You’ll need to sign in to / up for your Unioverse account, and make sure the digital wallet you used to obtain Unioverse Collectibles is connected to your Unioverse account.

Once all that is done go to the proten Calculator page, click the “Collect Now” button.

You’ll see our system tabulating your total and the official count appearing above the “Collect Now” button.

How often can I check my proten count?

As often as you like, but the number only goes up based on the number of Collectibles you have, the length of time you hold them them and the tier of those Collectibles. So more than once a day is excessive.

Do I have enough protens to mint a Reyu?

We will be releasing the proten requirements for Reyu soon. However, Reyu is just the first — not the only — Unioverse Hero NFT that will mint. We will have many more similar events happening over the coming year and beyond. Protens will always be useful in the Unioverse, so hold on to them; you never know what they could be redeemed for.

My wallet is not connected to my account and I can’t connect it,what do I do?

This is an issue we are aware of and working on a fix for. In the meantime, you can connect it during our next event on a desktop (not mobile) computer.

What is a false collection bonus?

That means there is not a complete set at that time of calculation point

I got a ‘perfect collection bonus = False’, what does that mean?

That means you don’t have a truly complete collection of Collectibles, so you will not get a multiplier on your protens.

Can I mint a Reyu or collect Protens from my phone?

No. You will need a desktop for wallet connect, and for getting reyu!!!

My logout button works but not wallet connect. What do I do?

The best course of action is to connect a wallet during the next claim.

I’ve held my collectibles before 30th Nov. Will mine be calculated from before then?

Protens are calculated daily. It doesn’t go back past 30th Nov but your total proten will be accurate and reflect the depth and breadth of your collection.

Why can’t I change a wallet?

If you have no wallet associated with your Unioverse account the ‘change wallet button’ will not work.

Am I going to miss something because the calculator isn’t working?

No. All the relevant information regarding your collection stays with your account.

What is the criteria for getting protens? I’m seeing zero on my end.

Make sure that your wallet is connected.

Can I combine proten counts from multiple wallets in my Unioverse account?

No. Each wallet represents its own proten count.

I have Collectibles in multiple wallets. Can I consolidate them and keep all my protens?

No. Proten counts are associated with the Unioverse Collectibles in a given wallet. If you transfer those Collectibles to a new wallet, the proten count starts over for those Collectibles.

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