A Revolution for
Game Developers

Welcome to the Disruption

The Unioverse is a massive disruption to the game industry status quo. Unhealthy trends such as free-to-play and loot boxes have resulted in developers spending more resources on user acquisition than actually developing games. As a result, many great game studios are struggling or have gone out of business.

The Unioverse was created to change all that. Powered by NFT avatars, we are building a community-owned franchise that will transform the relationship between developers, gamers and intellectual property.

"It's like Roblox for AAA game developers." Tony Harman, Co-Founder of the Unioverse.

Why Developers Will Love the Unioverse

Speed to Market

We are developing a number of high-quality game assets like character models, vehicles, environments, and more. These assets are yours to use, along with our Unity/Unreal SDK, royalty-free. With these building blocks you can dive straight into game design and get to market faster.

Bring Your A-Game

You are free to make whatever kind of game you want with Unioverse assets. Shooters, looters, platformers, barn-stormers, freemium or premium – it’s up to you. It just needs to incorporate Unioverse avatar NFTs.

No More User Acquisition Spends

We’ll provide a massive, robust community of Unioverse NFT holders eager to play your game. Just get us your game, we’ll get you players.

Keep the Money

If your game is a hit – awesome! We knew you could do it! Guess what our cut is? Nothing! Zip. Zero. Sell in-app purchases or subscriptions or use your own in-game token – it’s all okay and all royalty-free.

Funding the Future

We might pay you to make Unioverse games! We take all the revenues from our NFT sales and drive that back into expanding the Unioverse with additional assets and directly funding game developers.

Created by Game Industry Giants

Unioverse is the brainchild of a number of videogame industry veterans who have helped launch mega-franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown and All Points Bulletin.

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