Unioverse Community Assets

The Unioverse is a community-owned franchise. That means you can use the Community Assets on this page in your own projects–even if they are for profit. And you don’t owe us any money. However, you must follow certain rules. Here is a summary below, but make sure to read the full terms here.

  • Don’t use Community Assets in software or NFTs.
  • Don’t use Community Assets if you are a big corporation (unless we have given you permission).
  • Don’t be evil, with whatever you make. Don’t use Community Assets to produce racist, defamatory, political or religious propaganda. And don’t use it in work that targets or marginalizes a group of people based on sex, race, creed, religion or beliefs.
  • Do let others use your characters, concepts and ideas – so the Unioverse can build on itself.
  • Do display the Unioverse Community Content logo shown above.
  • If you want to formally collaborate with us and wish to use the official Unioverse Logo, please contact us on Discord.

View logo usage guidelines.

Available Assets