Is the Unioverse a Metaverse?

Wyeth Ridgway
October 5, 2022

Nope. The Unioverse is not a Metaverse. End of blog post.

Well. That was quick. Who said writing is hard?

All kidding aside, the answer to that question, like so many aspects of the Unioverse, is both straightforward and more nuanced.

The Unioverse is not a Metaverse, but someone could build a very Metaverse-y experience on top of the Unioverse.

Allow me to explain.

Heroes, not Twins

The biggest difference between the Unioverse and a Metaverse is you.

Metaverses are about you. Whether you enjoy them as a digital twin of yourself with the same approximate hairstyle, face and body, or a more fantastical avatar with wings or horns or whatever that more fully represents you, the point remains the same. YOU are the person walking around and talking, emoting, dancing, whatever-ing with others in a virtual world.

But in the Unioverse, you play as one of our heroes. Among the many things the Unioverse is, at its heart is a gripping, expansive sci-fi story filled with a galaxy-spanning cast of characters. Just as you hop over turtles as Mario or blast the Covenant as Master Chief – in the Unioverse, you play as one of the heroes we create.

But any Unioverse hero you play will be uniquely yours. Because these hero characters are NFTs, and through our rarity model, no one else in the Unioverse will look exactly like you. Each hero character will have different traits (color, lighting, etc.) and some level of rarity (common, rare, legendary, etc.).

These heroes aren’t just about looks, though. Unioverse hero characters are your ticket to every Unioverse game that gets made.

One Unioverse, Infinite Games

When you think of a Metaverse today, you might think of Second Life, PlayStation HOME or games like Roblox and Fortnite.

Your mileage may vary with these different experiences, but consider this:

  • Current Metaverses are massive, single spaces, controlled by corporate interests that do not interact with one another.

The Unioverse, on the other hand, is a distributed, community-owned franchise. That means there is no singular Unioverse experience. There will be hundreds of different games set in the Unioverse and they will all be different from one another. Any developer is free to create whatever kind of game they want: battle royale shooters like Fortnite, League of Legends-style MOBA games, or even racing games a la Mario Kart.

We don’t dictate what games get made, but you’ll be able to interact and play any of them, thanks to your hero character NFT. Developers are free to make whatever game they want, but it must work with our Unioverse heroes.

So instead of a massive, one-size-fits-all Metaverse, you’ll have hundreds and eventually thousands of different meta-experiences.

Which leads us to the nuanced part of this blog post.


Because we don’t tell developers what they can build in the Unioverse, an enterprising studio might create its own, traditional metaverse-like experience in the Unioverse.

For instance, a developer could create their own massively multiplayer RPG complete with quests across Unioverse planets. On a much smaller scale, someone could create their own version of a Mos Eisley-style cantina in the Unioverse where hero characters hang out. And, since anyone will be able to download the music we provide and remix it, Unioverse DJs (never say never!) could perform concerts.

The point is, that we are not building the Unioverse to be a monolithic, meta-experience. We are building it to knock down barriers and unleash creativity around the world and potentially be a place where a thousand metaverses bloom.

And that is the end of this blog post.

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